Casalis Bonnet Bright



Designed by Liset Van Der Scheer

Round or straight? The Bonnet Bright excels in versatility.

With 24 flexible whalebones, it can be completely round or straight, and offers three other curves between the two. This model can literally be folded in every way - until it builds perfectly inside.

A different color? You can change sleeve. Each whalebone of the Bonnet Bright is covered with a wool knit sleeve 100% merino wool. In addition, Bonnet Bright is available in a standing, suspended or floor version.You can remove the whalebones in a click, put them in the machine or replace the old sleeve with a new color and click it on again.



100% Merino Wool


Made In Belgium


- Floor Lamp
- Suspemded Lamp
- Standing Lamp

Floor Lamp
Suspemded Lamp
Standing Lamp


- Linea
- Plain


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From ' 79 onwards Liset van der Scheer has worked as industrial textile designer and colour consultant. She has applied the years of experience she gained as a yarn designer.

First for knitting yarns and later for the carpet industry, to her carpet designs. She wants to work further on the basis of the expression of the yarn.

The challenge of working with textiles for her was to be found in the application of mostly traditional materials in innovative ways or the use of new materials with existing production processes.

In this way she sought to extend the limits of possibility. Traditionally seen, the changes in textiles were achieved through the variation of pattern, structure and colour.

Colour is dependent on combination, structure, and the space in which a colour is located as well. Each colour has its own strength of appeal.

She wanted to examine the limits by using new and for the most part unusual raw materials and existing or newly designed yarns in a totally different way.

Her career started as a colourist at a textile printing company. Over a period of 2 years she has produced more than 500 colour patterns, and observing colour has become second nature to her.

Discovering the right relationship and finding that right combination, is a matter of intuition for her, there are ultimately no words to describe this.

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